Youth Inclusion Project: Education and its out comes

One of the most important factors hindering the inclusion of young people in society today, is limited access to employment, particularly decent jobs. The unemployment rate of youth in comparison to adult, is higher. With limited access to opportunities that provide social protection and/or training, young people are exposed to a great risk. Contributing factors include:

  1. Barriers and constraints on a successful school-to-work transition

  2. Structural weaknesses in national economies that have a very small formal sector and insufficient job creation

This prompts us to look into Education (and its outcomes)


There is a need to promote active citizenship and to fight against the social exclusion of young people. The adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals highlights an utmost importance of securing a sustainable future for all inhabitants but particularly the younger generation. This due to the unique toll that poverty, war, social exclusion, climate change and environmental degradation are taking on young people:

  • How do young people see themselves and how they think they are perceived by others?
  • How does success look like for them?
  • What are their dreams and aspirations?
  • What do they want to accomplish?
  • What are the priority challenges and solutions suggested by young people?

Timely interventions directed at young people are more likely to yield a greater return for sustainable development than attempts to build these capacities later in the life cycle. Targeting youth, however, requires addressing the multidimensional barriers to inclusion they face. Of these obstacles, decent employment, education, health and civic participation are the most essential to their well-being. Some of the constraints they confront may be related to lack of opportunities, while others may be related to limited access to information and resources.

How can we ensure that we for collaborations that support Youth Inclusion through Education?


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