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has designed its programmes to address the interlinked issues of poverty, inequality and exclusion towards achieving sustainable and inclusive economic growth. Its engagement is as a result of a process of broad consultations with stakeholders including the Government, civil society organizations, independent bodies, development partners and other UN agencies.

Citizenship, human rights and equality articulate a relationship between the individual and their social context – other people, institutions and the state. Young people must inherit social traditions and moral values so that they can meaningfully and purposefully interact with adults and other young people. This project seeks to test this. Are young people aware of their environment?

The Project

  • consider how progressive values such as human rights, citizenship and equality are being reflected in government policy – or not – in relation to young people;

  • consider how this policy is being turned into practice with young people

  • devise an overarching analytical framework to incorporate different activities and methods of working with young people on citizenship, human rights, equality and progressive social change;

  • link different activities for engaging young people into a ‘pathway’ or ‘journey’ of increasingly intensive methodologies which involve larger numbers of young people on more complex issues of greater social significance, perhaps far away from their personal experience

Do you believe you can take up this challenge? A local human rights NGO is looking into initiating projects in collaboration with local businesses. If you are interested send a concept note taking into account the above considerations. Also list how such an organization can engage youth and local businesses.


Send in a detailed concept note to: info@litekenya.org

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