Youth LITE Kenya’s Student Consultancy program is about providing opportunities for students to shaping their communities and their futures.  Through this program students get challenged to use Corporate Socail Responsibility (CSR) to improve our clients impact, brand loyalty and awareness. This program is geared toward inspiring active citizenship, introducing students to corporate culture and provoke Intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship. Through our approach students put their knowledge and skills into practice, whilst organizations benefit from new insights and knowledge from students who are passionate about making a difference.
We believe in serving youth. We hope that through this initiative, we will come up with measures that aim to reduce the average transition period between education training and paid work. In addition to this, we hope that this will create awareness of the need to achieve active inclusion of young people in the labour market. Lastly, we aim to promote the inclusion of youth in coming up with  a cross-sector policy instrument for youth.
Our time-frame involves phases of ideation, workshops, co-creation session, creative workshops, client meet-ups, project management and a chance to build a strong network across Kenya with students who share in your passion.

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