The Challenge process begins with companies outsourcing projects. The projects make up weeks of collaborative processes that focus student;s attention on a topic and creates a space for the student community to contribute. Our unique time frame of deep dives, encourages participating students to work quickly to gather and analyze data, then move rapidly to prototypes solutions and plans through the following process.

What is it all about?

Youth LITE Kenya’s Student Consultancy Scheme is about providing real opportunities for students to put theory in to practice and for organizations to connect with high caliber talent within universities. Students can put their knowledge and skills into practice, whilst organizations can benefit from new insights and knowledge from students who are passionate about making a difference.

Format of consultancy projects:

Projects will last for up to 8 weeks and will take the following format:

  • Project brief agreed with Students and host organization
  • Information pack supplied by host organization to team
  • Student team meet to discuss brief, assign roles (a team leader will be chosen by students). Teams will comprise 3-7 students, depending on the nature of the brief
  • Initial meeting with host organization – your opportunity to ask questions, clarify the brief and find out any essential information you need to complete your project
  • Project is carried out
  • Final presentation to host organization present

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